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Materials on the LMS

Hiran Jayaweera - මගින්

To Students:

Every student is hereby requested NOT to republish materials available in the LMS anywhere. Publication of these materials will be considered as a violation of copyright, for which legal action will be taken.

To Staff:

The LMS should be used to distribute materials you own or you have a license to use. Software Applications, Books, Videos, etc. should have the proper license to distribute through the LMS.



Final Examination EC 1001 - English

Sarith Pathmila - මගින්

Dear students,

The examination of EC 1001 will be held tomorrow(26.03.2022) online.You can access the examination paper which is of 1 hour duration through LMS.
The examination portal will be open from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm. You can complete the examination within any given hour during that time slot.
Good luck!
Dr. Jinendra Dissanayake 

Course Coordinator

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