• Welcome to the Learning Management System of the Faculty of Science, University of Colombo.


    Is this your first time here?

    To Students:

    Every student is hereby requested NOT to republish materials available in the LMS anywhere. Publication of these materials will be considered as a violation of copyright, for which legal action will be taken.

    To Staff:

    The LMS should be used to distribute materials you own or you have a license to use. Software Applications, Books, Videos, etc. should have the proper license to distribute through the LMS.

    • For undergraduate students:

    User name: Student registration number without slashes followed by "@stu.cmb.ac.lk" is your username for the Learning Management System (LMS). Eg: 2008s10300@stu.cmb.ac.lk

    Password: The password used for the Students' Information System(SIS) will be the password for LMS also.

    • For postgraduate students:

    If you are a MSc student and registered for LMS, please use MSc LMS (https://lms.sci.cmb.ac.lk/mschub/lms/) For more details please contact your MSc coordinator. If you are a postgraduate student other than a MSc student, Please contact ITSC, Faculty of Science for details.

    • For external degree students:

    If you are an external degree student and registered for LMS, please use EDP LMS (https://lms.sci.cmb.ac.lk/edphub/lms/) For more details please contact your EDP coordinator.

    • For other users:

    For other users (ie. lecturers, demonstrators, instructors, course coordinators etc.) please contact ITU for getting accounts and other issues.