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To Students:

Every student is hereby requested NOT to republish materials available in the LMS anywhere. Publication of these materials will be considered as a violation of copyright, for which legal action will be taken.

To Staff:

The LMS should be used to distribute materials you own or you have a license to use. Software Applications, Books, Videos, etc. should have the proper license to distribute through the LMS.


For undergraduate students :

User name

Student registration number without slashes followed by "@stu.cmb.ac.lk" is your username for the Learning Management System (LMS). Eg: 2008s10300@stu.cmb.ac.lk


The password used for the Students' Information System(SIS) will be the password for LMS also.

For postgraduate students :

If you are a MSc student and registered for LMS, please use MSc LMS (http://sci.cmb.ac.lk/msc/lms/) For more details please contact your MSc coordinator.

If you are a postgraduate student other than a MSc student, Please contact ITSC, Faculty of Science for details.

For external degree students :

If you are an external degree student and registered for LMS, please use EDP LMS (http://sci.cmb.ac.lk/edp/lms/) For more details please contact your EDP coordinator.

For other users :

Other users (ie. lecturers, demonstrators, instructors, course coordinators etc.) please contact ITU for getting accounts and other issues.

The site is undergoing maintenance and is currently not available

The LMS server is temporarily down for required maintains.
The server will be back as soon as possible. Please check later.

Sorry for the inconveniences caused